What Is A High-Performance Copier Machine

What Is A High-Performance Copier Machine

Photocopiers are machines that make paper copies of documents and visual images quickly. Today, high performance copiers are often an all-encompassing design that are digital models capable of printing, scanning, faxing, emailing, downloading and copying. These digital models are also more cost-effective than the older analog models.  So, what is a high-performance copier machine exactly? So, high performance models are characterized by its:

  • Print speed
  • Print volume
  • Graphic capabilities

So, what is a high-performance copier machine exactly?

Key Features of High Performance Digital Copiers

High performance digital copiers are capable of printing anywhere from 22 pages per minute to 100 pages per minute with high-end models. Depending on the size of the copier, basic models can accommodate around 100 sheets and 250 in the cassette. Larger scale high performance copiers can accommodate more than 2,000 sheets through two or more cassettes. A high performance copier ensures the highest resolution in addition to color management through five-color control. Whether it’s a software platform or physical document, high performance digital copies provide exact and reliable reproduction of the source material.

Analog Machines Compared to Digital Machines

Analog machines are just about a thing of the past. Sort of like how digital downloads replaced old-fashioned records. Most companies now use digital communication. Even if an item began as a physical printout, it must be digitized in order to reach an audience cost-effectively and quickly. To simplify the process, multifunction, high performance digital copies include capabilities for all types of distribution, whether it’s via email or via intranet. These heavy lifters now include much more built-in storage up to 80 GB+.

The other difference between analog machines and digital machines is it’s graphic rendering. High performance copiers can provide exact reproduction of artwork and schematics. When graphic rendering is built into a high performance copier, companies can manipulate artwork and product high-quality documents, presentations and brochures. There’s also more control with digital machines.

Types of High Performance Digital Copiers

The types of high performance digital copiers include monochrome, digital color, all-in-one and multifunctional. A monochrome digital copier is a black and white copier that save more on expensive consumables when compared to their color counterparts. You won’t find the graphics-editing capabilities as in color copiers. This type of copier works well for small businesses who only require occasional copying.

High performance digital color copiers are a major step up. They offer the ability to produce high-resolution reproductions with a variety of source material. Business professionals and marketing departments rely on these to create professional looking pamphlets and presentations. Speeds range up to 90 prints per minute and may include up to 1,500 additional sheets in a cassette. These high performance copiers are around 30 percent more expensive than their monochrome counterparts due to its high resolution color.

Multifunctional, High Performance, and Add-ons

All-in-one copiers may be multifunctional. Basic functionalities include fax, scan and print. And the price on all-in-copiers is hard to beat at $600 on the high end. Multifunctional digital copiers usually include fax, scan and print options.

Office managers have a lot of high performance copiers on the market to choose from. Knowing what you need and want is essential to choosing the right one for your business. Always consider print speed, print volume and graphic capabilities. You can also purchase new and used high performance copiers along with leasing one. And advanced high performance copiers include account codes, duplex copying, full-bleed printing, sorter, stapler, three-hole punch and transparency interleaving.