Iconic Brother Dominic Superbowl Commercial

Iconic Brother Dominic Superbowl Commercial

This weekend’s Super Bowl marks the 40th anniversary of the original and iconic Brother Dominic commercial – one of the most popular Super Bowl ads of all time. To commemorate the occasion, we’ve released a special anniversary edition of our new Brother Dominic commercial which shows how today’s Dominic is creating modern day miracles.

The new commercial sends a strong message about our new Xerox, and we need your help making it go viral.

Over the next few days, you will receive a series of emails with suggested social media posts that include links to the video. We ask that you take the content and share it with your social networks. The suggested posts will include “#emp” to signify that you are a Xerox employee – which is a mandatory disclosure requirement by the FTC.

Here are a few posts to get you started.  Simply copy/paste and share on your network!

  • The more things change, the more things stay the same – including Brother Dominic performing modern miracles! http://xerox.bz/2kuFUAl#emp

In addition to the emails, we’re also testing a new social sharing tool called GaggleAMP. GaggleAMP users can simply log in to their accounts, view suggested content and share it to their personal networks. There’s even a fun leaderboard to keep track of who is actively participating. Consider signing up for an account and giving GaggleAMP a try. If this test works, we’ll consider rolling out a more formal social sharing program down the road. Click here for a short video tutorial that explains more about how GaggleAMP works. To sign up for an account, login here.

There is power in numbers. Let’s use our connections to help make the new Brother Dominic commercial as famous as the original.


Corporate Communications Team

Regular Maintenance Checks Are Important For Office Equipment

Regular Maintenance Checks Are Important For Office Equipment

Regular Maintenance Checks Are Importance For Office Equipment

In a regular office, there are likely photocopiers, printers, computers, faxes and other pieces of technology. Regular maintenance checks are important for office equipment in order to maintain office efficiency and avoid frequent breakdowns. Preventing problems is way better than having to patch things up when they arise. And it’s a lot cheaper, too. A maintenance check on office equipment can save money when compared to a replacement or repair. Think about it. How many times have you gone to use the copier and it doesn’t work? How many times has the ink gone haywire and destroyed documents? How many times has the paper gotten jammed and the machine just keeps beeping? The primary purpose of having office equipment maintained is to ensure that your staff can do their jobs professionally and efficiently, while cutting down on repair and replacement costs.

How and When Office Equipment Should be Serviced

Maintenance of office equipment should be performed by a knowledgeable person. Many suppliers of office equipment offer service plans with maintenance checks. Sometimes, the service check is even free. The passing of time isn’t the only way to determine when your office equipment needs some TLC. Mostly, it’s the workload on the equipment. And the heavier the workload, the shorter the periods between maintenance should be. Some printers may need a tune-up after 300 hours of operation. So, is any office equipment is a workhorse, keep “operational hours” in mind.

Sometimes, office equipment will tell you when it needs to be serviced with a flashing light or a message on the information screen. Another telltale sign is when the office equipment goes on the fritz. That’s literally your equipment screaming for maintenance. So, if your office equipment has been malfunctioning recently, it’s a sign that help is needed.

Which Office Equipment Needs Maintenance?

Printers, color copiers, fax machines, computers and paper shredders are just a few types of office equipment that need regular maintenance. Each item will have different maintenance needs. Likely, color copiers and printers will require the most amount of maintenance attention due to the big quantity of small parts. For example, paper shredders require less maintenance attention than copiers and printers. Printers and copiers may need worn or damaged rollers, belts or ribbon reflectors replaced. The rollers, head and transport track will also have to be cleaned, and the belts must have the right amount of tension to operate correctly. Plus, software updates need to be installed. If the updates aren’t installed, you’ll be missing out on the benefits of the newer technology.

The Cost of Maintaining Office Equipment

Sometimes, leasing office is a smart move for operational costs. Most office equipment leasing contracts include regular maintenance and technical support. On the flip side, when you purchase office equipment, you usually only get a one year warranty. If your company is seeking to cut operational costs and keep more money in their pockets, leasing office equipment just may be the way to go. Just be sure to always read the fine print to ensure that the company you are leasing the equipment from will supply the service technician at no additional cost.

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