How To Properly Move Copiers and Printers

How To Properly Move Office Equipment

Whether you’re moving a copier or printer to another floor or across town, it should be done using the proper procedures. It also takes thought and proper planning. As a matter of fact, if Xerox printers are moved without using proper procedures, the warranty may be void. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly move copiers and printers.

Print The Configuration Page

First, print the configuration page and maintain a copy on the copier glass. This provides ready information on the settings, accessories and IP address. It comes in handy if you have to reinstall the device at a new location. Power down the device and unplug the copier. Detach all fax lines and network cables. Wind all cables with appropriate tape. Be sure to wait at least 30 minutes for the device to cool down before removing any consumables from the device. Following the proper shut down procedure is important.

Remove all toner cartridges. Secure the toner cartridges in a sealed box just for cartridges. A zip-lock bag can also be used. Empty all liquid tones and fuser oils. Then, remove the waste toner cartridge and package them securely for transport. Accessories need to be removed for safe transport of a copier or printer. Accessories include things like sorters, paper decks, finishers and sorters. Be sure to consult the instruction manual for instructions on how to remove, store and transport all accessories. And if you’re moving multiple printers or copiers, it’s a wise idea to use identifying tags on all accessories.

Secure the automatic document

Secure the automatic document feeder by taping it down. This will prevent the document feeder from flipping over during the move and protect the copier glass. Unlock any wheels or casters. Depending on the floor type, you may want to place floor protectors before wheeling copiers or printers. Keep in mind that most devices are intended to be wheeled only on smooth surfaces like finished flooring or carpet. It’s also wise to use a furniture dolly. Bubble wrapping the device is recommended.

It’ also important to understand that you may need building permission to use freight elevators for the moving of a copier or printer. And if your Xerox copier is leased, you’ll have to notify the leasing company of its new address location. It’s a mandatory on all copier leases.

Moving copiers and printers can be stressful and requires careful planning and an attention to detail. But, it all pays off in the long run. Use the right steps, and you won’t have to contend with a broken copier or printer. Preparing the device for transport is just as important as the move itself. Don’t skip any steps in getting your printer or copier ready for a move. Do it right and you won’t need a repair or a new device.

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