Why Printer Maintenance is Essential

Why Printer Maintenance is Essential

It’s hard to imagine an office without a printer. It’s one of the few pieces of office equipment that keeps business activities running smoothly on a daily basis. Just think of all those documents that you need for daily meetings, business presentations and general office use. But just like any other piece of office equipment, extensive use of a copies can lead to malfunctions. It’s a major inconvenience when a printer breaks down. Cleaning and maintaining a printer is essential for smooth operations. Here is why printer maintenance is essential to maintain a steady workflow in the office.


No matter what industry field, convenience is always a big deal. With a service agreement with a specialized company, you can have your printer serviced on a regular basis to keep in running properly and to avoid frequent breakdowns. It’s also convenient to have a copier maintenance service agreement for expedient service for those times it does unexpectedly break down. And if for any reason the printer cannot be serviced on the premises, the service company will often leave you with a replacement loaner while it’s being repaired off-premise. All around, it’s very convenient to have service technicians on-call if you ever have a problem with your office printer.

Lower Operational Costs

When it comes to routine maintenance of a printer, cutting corners on it is not a wise decision. Breakdowns, errors and paper jams reduce office efficiency and lead to higher operational costs in the long run. If you factor in the costs of repeated downtime, it quickly adds up every time your copier stops functioning. Whether it’s days or weeks, routine maintenance of a printer adds up to lower operational expenses.

Software Maintenance

With today’s printers, it’s all about the technology. Software maintenance ensures the proper functioning of the hardware components. In addition, printer software maintenance entails tasks like upgrades to the latest software version, problem diagnosis, installation of security patches and programming changes. With routine software maintenance, you can keep your printer running properly and avoid breakdowns.

Inkjet Printer Maintenance and Laser Printer Maintenance

Every inkjet printer needs an occasional tune-up. Some maintenance like print head alignments and cleaning nozzles can be done via the printer itself. Maintenance tools can be accessed through the computer systems printer control panel. Once a maintenance procedure begins, let it run full cycle before turning the printer off. Laser printer maintenance entails interior cleaning, exterior cleaning and other maintenance procedures. The interior compartment of a laser printer can be cleaned with a toner vacuum. The exterior can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and a little bit of isopropyl alcohol on the exterior casing. Just never use an ammonia-based clean or solvent to clean the interior or exterior of an inject printer. Other maintenance procedures include replacing the toner with a new cartridge when prints begin to face.

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