What Is A High-Performance Copier Machine

What Is A High-Performance Copier Machine

Photocopiers are machines that make paper copies of documents and visual images quickly. Today, high performance copiers are often an all-encompassing design that are digital models capable of printing, scanning, faxing, emailing, downloading and copying. These digital models are also more cost-effective than the older analog models.  So, what is a high-performance copier machine exactly? So, high performance models are characterized by its:

  • Print speed
  • Print volume
  • Graphic capabilities

So, what is a high-performance copier machine exactly?

Key Features of High Performance Digital Copiers

High performance digital copiers are capable of printing anywhere from 22 pages per minute to 100 pages per minute with high-end models. Depending on the size of the copier, basic models can accommodate around 100 sheets and 250 in the cassette. Larger scale high performance copiers can accommodate more than 2,000 sheets through two or more cassettes. A high performance copier ensures the highest resolution in addition to color management through five-color control. Whether it’s a software platform or physical document, high performance digital copies provide exact and reliable reproduction of the source material.

Analog Machines Compared to Digital Machines

Analog machines are just about a thing of the past. Sort of like how digital downloads replaced old-fashioned records. Most companies now use digital communication. Even if an item began as a physical printout, it must be digitized in order to reach an audience cost-effectively and quickly. To simplify the process, multifunction, high performance digital copies include capabilities for all types of distribution, whether it’s via email or via intranet. These heavy lifters now include much more built-in storage up to 80 GB+.

The other difference between analog machines and digital machines is it’s graphic rendering. High performance copiers can provide exact reproduction of artwork and schematics. When graphic rendering is built into a high performance copier, companies can manipulate artwork and product high-quality documents, presentations and brochures. There’s also more control with digital machines.

Types of High Performance Digital Copiers

The types of high performance digital copiers include monochrome, digital color, all-in-one and multifunctional. A monochrome digital copier is a black and white copier that save more on expensive consumables when compared to their color counterparts. You won’t find the graphics-editing capabilities as in color copiers. This type of copier works well for small businesses who only require occasional copying.

High performance digital color copiers are a major step up. They offer the ability to produce high-resolution reproductions with a variety of source material. Business professionals and marketing departments rely on these to create professional looking pamphlets and presentations. Speeds range up to 90 prints per minute and may include up to 1,500 additional sheets in a cassette. These high performance copiers are around 30 percent more expensive than their monochrome counterparts due to its high resolution color.

Multifunctional, High Performance, and Add-ons

All-in-one copiers may be multifunctional. Basic functionalities include fax, scan and print. And the price on all-in-copiers is hard to beat at $600 on the high end. Multifunctional digital copiers usually include fax, scan and print options.

Office managers have a lot of high performance copiers on the market to choose from. Knowing what you need and want is essential to choosing the right one for your business. Always consider print speed, print volume and graphic capabilities. You can also purchase new and used high performance copiers along with leasing one. And advanced high performance copiers include account codes, duplex copying, full-bleed printing, sorter, stapler, three-hole punch and transparency interleaving.

How To Properly Move Copiers and Printers

How To Properly Move Office Equipment

Whether you’re moving a copier or printer to another floor or across town, it should be done using the proper procedures. It also takes thought and proper planning. As a matter of fact, if Xerox printers are moved without using proper procedures, the warranty may be void. Here are some helpful tips on how to properly move copiers and printers.

Print The Configuration Page

First, print the configuration page and maintain a copy on the copier glass. This provides ready information on the settings, accessories and IP address. It comes in handy if you have to reinstall the device at a new location. Power down the device and unplug the copier. Detach all fax lines and network cables. Wind all cables with appropriate tape. Be sure to wait at least 30 minutes for the device to cool down before removing any consumables from the device. Following the proper shut down procedure is important.

Remove all toner cartridges. Secure the toner cartridges in a sealed box just for cartridges. A zip-lock bag can also be used. Empty all liquid tones and fuser oils. Then, remove the waste toner cartridge and package them securely for transport. Accessories need to be removed for safe transport of a copier or printer. Accessories include things like sorters, paper decks, finishers and sorters. Be sure to consult the instruction manual for instructions on how to remove, store and transport all accessories. And if you’re moving multiple printers or copiers, it’s a wise idea to use identifying tags on all accessories.

Secure the automatic document

Secure the automatic document feeder by taping it down. This will prevent the document feeder from flipping over during the move and protect the copier glass. Unlock any wheels or casters. Depending on the floor type, you may want to place floor protectors before wheeling copiers or printers. Keep in mind that most devices are intended to be wheeled only on smooth surfaces like finished flooring or carpet. It’s also wise to use a furniture dolly. Bubble wrapping the device is recommended.

It’ also important to understand that you may need building permission to use freight elevators for the moving of a copier or printer. And if your Xerox copier is leased, you’ll have to notify the leasing company of its new address location. It’s a mandatory on all copier leases.

Moving copiers and printers can be stressful and requires careful planning and an attention to detail. But, it all pays off in the long run. Use the right steps, and you won’t have to contend with a broken copier or printer. Preparing the device for transport is just as important as the move itself. Don’t skip any steps in getting your printer or copier ready for a move. Do it right and you won’t need a repair or a new device.

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What Is Managed Print Services

What is managed print services

Managed print services covers a broad range of benefits. It helps improve document security and gain visibility of your printing. Plus, it helps save money, boost productivity and improve environmental sustainability. The cost of manage print services includes offset printing, production print operations, IT help desk support, maintenance, paper, tones and other consumables. These costs can tally up to as much as 15 percent of a company’s annual spending. Cut costs by as much as 30 percent through managed print services.  So, what is managed print services?

More Than Just Overseeing Printers

Managed print service companies do way more than just oversee printers. They:

  • Provide network management and information technology integration
  • Give telecommuters easy printing access
  • Conduct upfront assessment of current printing infrastructure
  • Provide a roadmap to reduce the number of printing devices
  • Proactively solve potential printing problems
  • Monitor, optimize and manage total print output environment
  • Reduce environmental footprint
  • Train employees
  • Deliver a proven track record in deploying managed print services with a network of highly skilled experts
  • Turn paper-based processes into an automated one

Get Rid of Print Security Threats

Managed print services can help secure your printer from real-time threats. Secure threats from outside the company, unauthorized use, remote users, exposure of documents at the device and exposure of documents sent to and from the device. So, with managed print services, companies can have printers that detect, protect and self-heal from attacks automatically. It’s powerful security for any office. Add user authentication with sing-in options, such as smartcards and PIN. Add a secure encrypted printing feature for confidential documents. Secure, track and control distribution of scanned content. Assist employees print from their notebooks, tablets and smartphones while maintaining security policies.

Most managed print services offer printers with embedded security features. Security features fix any affected device security settings across the fleet, validate genuine codes at device startup, reboot to a secure recovery state and prevent intruders from introducing malicious code into memory.

Gain Control of Your Printing Environment and Costs

With managed print services, you can gain control of your printing environment and costs. Also, manage, allocate and monitor resources by tracking usage on each product and in each department. Gather data and analyze results to pinpoint saving opportunities. Consequently, you can contain costs by setting print quota. Streamline printing practices by ensuring the right device is used for the proper job. Furthermore, with gathered data, you can motivate employees to print smarter and provide IT with the needed data to improve forecasts.

Managed print services provides companies with the solutions they need. They can deliver an integrated suite of solutions that are scalable and helpful in attaining business goals. Reel in out-of-control printing processes and regulate company-wide printing initiatives. So, it’s the way business should be run in order to capitalize on growth. As a result, print service companies will review your current printing environment, identify risks and recommend security strategies.

Hardware Recycling and Onsite Data Destruction

Obsolete printing equipment and recycling old printing equipment is a concern for all types of businesses today. Hence, improper data destruction and recycling could put private date at risk and incorrect disposal may harm the environment. Managed print services help companies recycle hardware and destroy data in a way that meets security and sustainability needs. They offer recycling at state-of-the-art recycling facilities, onsite data destruction, asset tracking and certificates of destruction.

Without a doubt, managed print services offers companies of all sizes many benefits, including small and mid-sized organizations. As a result, it comes at no surprise that many companies used managed print services today.

Why Printer Maintenance is Essential

Why Printer Maintenance is Essential

It’s hard to imagine an office without a printer. It’s one of the few pieces of office equipment that keeps business activities running smoothly on a daily basis. Just think of all those documents that you need for daily meetings, business presentations and general office use. But just like any other piece of office equipment, extensive use of a copies can lead to malfunctions. It’s a major inconvenience when a printer breaks down. Cleaning and maintaining a printer is essential for smooth operations. Here is why printer maintenance is essential to maintain a steady workflow in the office.


No matter what industry field, convenience is always a big deal. With a service agreement with a specialized company, you can have your printer serviced on a regular basis to keep in running properly and to avoid frequent breakdowns. It’s also convenient to have a copier maintenance service agreement for expedient service for those times it does unexpectedly break down. And if for any reason the printer cannot be serviced on the premises, the service company will often leave you with a replacement loaner while it’s being repaired off-premise. All around, it’s very convenient to have service technicians on-call if you ever have a problem with your office printer.

Lower Operational Costs

When it comes to routine maintenance of a printer, cutting corners on it is not a wise decision. Breakdowns, errors and paper jams reduce office efficiency and lead to higher operational costs in the long run. If you factor in the costs of repeated downtime, it quickly adds up every time your copier stops functioning. Whether it’s days or weeks, routine maintenance of a printer adds up to lower operational expenses.

Software Maintenance

With today’s printers, it’s all about the technology. Software maintenance ensures the proper functioning of the hardware components. In addition, printer software maintenance entails tasks like upgrades to the latest software version, problem diagnosis, installation of security patches and programming changes. With routine software maintenance, you can keep your printer running properly and avoid breakdowns.

Inkjet Printer Maintenance and Laser Printer Maintenance

Every inkjet printer needs an occasional tune-up. Some maintenance like print head alignments and cleaning nozzles can be done via the printer itself. Maintenance tools can be accessed through the computer systems printer control panel. Once a maintenance procedure begins, let it run full cycle before turning the printer off. Laser printer maintenance entails interior cleaning, exterior cleaning and other maintenance procedures. The interior compartment of a laser printer can be cleaned with a toner vacuum. The exterior can be cleaned by using a damp cloth and a little bit of isopropyl alcohol on the exterior casing. Just never use an ammonia-based clean or solvent to clean the interior or exterior of an inject printer. Other maintenance procedures include replacing the toner with a new cartridge when prints begin to face.

Not only does Triangle Business Systems sell and lease Xerox printers, offer free copier inspection and financing, they offer managed print services. Outsourcing your copier maintenance services allows you to focus on your core business. And as a Zeros managed print services provider, they can help you reduce and manage your printing costs. They will also show you how to capture those savings with a specified program. In addition, they will provide printer services that will increase uptime and employee productivity. Give Triangle Business Systems a call today to learn more.